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As an expert manufacturer, iEV Charger offering high quality EV Charger solutions to enhance your yield.

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iEV Charger has been acting professionally in manufacturing EV CHARGER industry for years, being experted to countries and regions worldwide. iEV Charger has benn serving for 800+ clients across the world, with 200,000+ EV chargers come through our factory annually. And these numbers is growing.

iEV Charger is a new practitioner in this feild but we are innovative. That’s why we won 800+ clients’ trust and been a true manufacturer of their projects.

What We Offer

Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Welcome to the forefront of sustainable transportation solutions! As a trusted manufacturer and provider of innovative charging infrastructure, we cater to a diverse clientele, including visionary corporate buyers, forward-thinking business owners, international charging station projects, and esteemed wholesale partners. Our extensive range of EV charging equipment and charging station solutions is designed to meet the specific needs of new energy vehicle markets worldwide. Embrace the future of electric mobility with confidence, knowing that our reliable and efficient charging solutions will power your success in the global green movement.

AC Charger Services

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DC Charger Services

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Home Charger

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Real factory, no middle man

No more endlessly wasting time on EV Charger purchasing. Our goal is simple: you tell us what works for you, and we’ll make it happen. We’re happy to add value.

Multilingual Sales Team

Professional sales team work in 7/24 to help our global clients. Smooth communication, thoughtful consideration, that's what they do.

2000m² workshop

Streamlined manufacturing process partnered with automated production lines significantly redueces the lead time to 7-15 days.

700m² Assembly workshop

Step into our 700m² clean assembly space: Where expert hands and precision tools craft perfection. Trust the process, Embrace quality.

5000m² Warehouse

Vast Warehouse: Ample Space to store and organize products, ensuring prompt deliveries and inventory management.

Testing Department

Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and expert technicians, ensuring thorough product assessments and Top-notch Quality Assurance.

Inspection Department

Our inspection department employs skilled experts and advanced equipment to guarantee flawless products and customer satisfaction.

QC Department

Ensures stringent checks, delivering impeccable quality and trustworthy products for your satisfaction.

Packing Department

Securely packaged with charger pouches and placed in cardboard boxes, finally sealed using an automated packaging machine.

Sustainability and Quality

The cable is made of high-quality TPU material, carefully selected premium material, pure copper wires for safer, more stable, and durable charging.

Fast Charging

Boost productivity with high-speed EV charging solutions.


Ensure reliability and durability with weather-resistant charging cables.

Low heat emission

Enhance safety and efficiency with heat-efficient charging technology.

Fire retardant

Ensure peace of mind and reduce risks with fire-resistant charging cables.

Your design

Compatible, OEM design available.

Your logo

Send your logo or we disign it for you to make your brand

Your plug&connector


your Premium Pricing Capability

Ensure peace of mind and reduce risks with fire-resistant charging cables.

custom with easy

With equiped of strong production lines, the capacity of up to 50,000 units per year, manufacturing and deep processing workshops machines efficiently enhance your productivity

We Are There Every Step Of The Way

SMT Soldering



In our final production phase, we conduct aging and durability tests, ensuring IP65 waterproof protection and product stability. These rigorous assessments guarantee high-quality EV chargers for exceptional performance and reliability.


Our products are carefully packaged using charger-specific pouches for added protection. They are then placed in sturdy cardboard boxes to prevent any damage during transportation. To ensure efficiency and consistency, an automated packaging machine is used to securely seal the boxes.

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